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Kastri is located in the sheltered bay of Keratokampos near the village of Viannos. In recent years it is being developed and the beaches are a magnet for visitors. Indeed, many people love this quiet and hospitable place, and come several times a year to take their holiday in Kastri. The village has several restaurants and accommodations from which you can be served before starting your excursions in this beautiful place of Keratokampos. The access to Kastri is via the road that connects Viannos to Heraklion or from the village of Tsoutsouras.
If one chooses Kastri or Keratokampos for one’s holidays and starting from the west, from Tsoutsouras, will meet the vast beach of Dermatos where the Anapodaris river mouth is located, the longest river in the prefecture of Heraklion. This creates a small, but significant, for the islands size, habitat. The coast of the “Listi” (thief) follows, a lovely place, where a natural bay surrounded by huge volumes of rock is formed. Shortly after, we encounter the first coastal settlements of Kastri and Keratokampos. Typically Kastri and Keratokampos are two different villages whose residents originate from the villages of Dermatos and Viannos respectively. Essentially, however, their continuous development during the past years has resulted in their union, the only thing separating the residents are…sings, and anything positive or negative in their area do affect everyone equally.