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Keratokampos is the haven of the inhabitants of upper Viannos. This seaside village has 156 residents. The Keratokampos beach is almost 7 kilometers long north of it lays the valley of the river “Keratokampitis”. The river begins at upper Viannos and follows a path through the wild and beautiful gorge of Portela, which continues in a smaller canyon called “The Piskopi’s Leap”, from a legend that has survived from the Ottoman period. According to the legend, a bishop ran his horse to escape from the ottomans who were hunting him. When he reached the edge of the canyon, he tried to throw himself and the horse in the canyon in order not to fall into the hands of the enemy, but the horse managed to jump across the canyon and thus they both escaped. The chapel of St.George which is located nearby, was built by the Bishop to thank the Saint who performed the miracle and saved him.
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